Oceanevo Global Limited

Every fine recipe has this one secret ingredient that makes the dish exceptional

What We Do


Oceanevo’s team consists of experienced mobile app developers working on different platforms (iOS, Android) to build Native platform-specific mobile apps for high performance, high availability and better user experience.


Using the latest platform specific guidelines and trends, we develop professional apps that are not only easy on the eyes but also easy to use. When designing our products, we always think about the latest principles that run the digital world.


Taking a unique point of view about the future to identify opportunities and solving customer and stakeholder problems becomes a must for businesses in order to thrive and be successful.


Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use photo collage maker and photo editing app. Just select some images you love, you can easily put them in a perfect layout, add numerous styles of background, text, sticker and frame to make your pics art, creating unique and awesome collages of your own.

Meditation MUSIC

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About Us

Building challenging applications let us go outside our comfort zone and rethink our approach and processes for software design, development and delivery.

Innovation was always our key objective from the moment we started. Thanks to this, through the years, we have helped our clients in building and upgrading their products.

Thanks to our long-lasting knowledge and experience sharing in product development areas, we built a culture that allows us to learn faster than single-product companies. As a result, we can build software products more efficiently.

Mission and values

We have the power to make our company better

We care about what we do. When something needs to be done we step in and take action without waiting for someone else to initiate the change. It is about taking the initiative to create positive results.

As individuals, we are accountable for the quality and timeliness of an outcome, even when we’re working with others. Each of us should be responsible for the task, team, project, and company. Taking ownership shows others that they can trust us to do the right thing.